Helping you understand cultural norms, practices, and expectations
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JLY Connections is an organization aimed at orienting immigrants on cultural differences and opportunities to succeed and excel in the United States of America. We help them develop a realistic picture of the community where they want to live and understand its cultural norms and practices.

We help identify their individual needs and priorities to provide guidance and enable them to make informed choices about living in America. We help them on topics, such as housing, income support, and employment opportunities.

Our Programs:

  • Connecting new immigrants to resources
  • Empowering them to succeed
  • Monthly group Q and A sessions on zoom
  • One-on-one coaching and accountability session
  • Offering continuous support
  • Connecting you to our numerous partners based on your needs
  • Providing a client-centric approach to solutions

Service Category

We serve those:

  • Traveling, migrating families/visiting families that need information what is life in the USA
  • Those who need to know how to adapt to/ accept the culture/ explore how to be financially stable.
  • Five years staying and has difficulty improving life

Get in Touch

Do you have more questions about our programs or how you can help? Feel free to contact us.