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8 responses to “Testimonial”

  1. My name is Josiane,

    I got to know about JLYconnections through a Whatsapp group. I was in Mexico during that period and attended a Zoom meeting by JLYconnections. The meeting was edifying and it helped me to make up my mind. Upon arrival in the USA, JLYconnections was the first contact and connection I made.

    They provided me with clothes, food, orientation, phone and metro card. Till date, they continue to care for my kids and I.

    The best of all is that my children and I have been connected to a Christian community named The Apostolic Fellowship Ministry. They showed us true love.

    I do not have the exact words to define the greatness of the soul of mama Vicky. Her patience and unconditional love through guidance and prayers. I am healed and have hope for the future.
    Thank you JLYconnections. I will be forever grateful.

  2. There are people on Earth that their purpose and objectives are to help put a smile on other people’s faces; to make them feel understood. I just want to thank Jlyconnections of Ateh Vicky. I call her Maa Vicky. She acted like a mother to give me uniforms, food , advice and even jobs.She made herself available when I needed help.May God continue to bless and direct her heart to always help those in need.

  3. JLY has been a great help to me and my family since my family came to US they have been supporting us with food every week by one of you sister sister Vicky thank and God continue to reward you IJMN

  4. I am greatful to know you in this difficult time. My husband had a stroke and it was very hard for me to provide food for my children. Luckily a friend told me about JLYconnections. With JLYconnections I have food and many snacks for my children. Keep going, God bless you ๐Ÿ™

  5. L Thank God for connecting with Mrs vicky of JLYConnections which have been a great support system for me and my family, due to the outraged of prices of household items. JLYconnections has really been of great help and vicky is always available to hear you out in every aspect of life challenges. Thank you for every assistance may God continue to strengthen And Bless You and your family.

  6. I’m called Ivan I got to know Jlyconnections through a woman I can also call my mom she’s called mum Vicky…. It made me to make up my mind that I’m coming to the US for better my life and that of my family and immediately I arrived the US I started receiving gifts from them through mum Vicky…. I’m really grateful…..

  7. As a new immigrant, it can be challenging to integrate in the US. I was connected to JLY connections and the Bridge the gap orientation program. Wow! The orientation class via Zoom was worth more than I paid for. After the orientation, I received good referrals and job connections. I recommend the program.
    Thank you JLY connections

  8. I encountered JLY connections at the park with my kids. My Vicky introduced her self and organization to me. Within 24 hrs, I was connected to free food, meet with a prospective employer. That weekend I started working. My God ! It was relieving to have support and a better perspective with in 24 hrs.

    Thank you JLY connections

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